1. Why do brown shelled eggs cost more than white shelled eggs
2. Why are brown shelled eggs bigger than white shelled eggs
3. Do you need sunlight to formulate hard shells on eggs
4. What factors affect egg production
5. What is a blood spot
6. What is a meat spot
7. Is there one kind of egg carton that is better than another
8. How long does it take to put the shell on the egg
9. Do brown eggs have more cholesterol than white eggs
10. How many eggs does a chicken lay per year
11. What causes a double yolk egg
12. Is the shell hard or soft when laid
13. How is the egg fertilized
14. How do you know what color shell the eggs will have
15. What kind of chicken lays green eggs


1. What is salmonella
2. What are the critical issues related to salmonella
3. How often are eggs infected with salmonella

Egg Grading and Candling

1. What is the weight of jumbo, extra large, large, medium, small and pee wee eggs
2. What are the egg grades
3. What is a leaker
4. What is candling
5. When should the eggs be candled
6. How many eggs should be candled at a time
7. How long should the eggs be out of the incubator


1. What is the best temperature for storing eggs
2. How much humidity is needed
3. How do you disinfect the incubator
4. Does when the egg was laid affect the hatch date
5. When should the incubator be prepared for the eggs
6. Where should the eggs be stored, if they cannot be set right away
7. What is the longest eggs should be held before incubating
8. What is the correct temperature for incubating fertile eggs in a still air incubator
9. What is the temperature range that is acceptable during incubation
10. What is the lowest temperature
11. What is the highest temperature
12. How do you check the accuracy of the incubator thermometer
13. When should the plugs be removed from the incubator
14. What are the factors for success
15. What is the normal hatch time for a fertile incubated egg
16. What will delay the hatch
17. Why are the chicks sometimes very wet and mushy
18. How can I be sure that I have enough humidity
19. How can I tell if I have too much humidity
20. How long should I leave the eggs in the incubator if they do not hatch on the twenty-first day
21. How do I count the days
22. What is the brooder box
23. What is the critical period in hatching
24. How often should the eggs be turned
25. What happens if the eggs are not turned


1. What is the average life of the male chicken
2. How large are female chickens
3. How can you tell a hen from a rooster
4. What are hackle feathers
5. What are saddle feathers
6. Can you tell the sex of the chicken from the feathers alone
7. Is there a pecking order
8. How many females can one male service
9. Does the time of the year affect the fertility rate
10. How long does it take to raise a fryer