At Performance Poultry we consider bio-security an important precaution in helping to maintain the health of our breeding birds.

While it may not be the most appealing program for some customers because they cannot see the birds, it is effective and therefore necessary in the health management of poultry.

Recent developments with avian influenza have driven home the importance of our commitment to bio-security. From day one, we have had this program in effect, it is not foolproof, but it can greatly reduce the chances of your birds coming into contact with contagious disease.

Bio-security involves taking steps to help prevent your birds from being exposed to disease and can include some of the following:

  • Not allowing visitors into your poultry houses or pens
  • Keeping wild birds and animals out of buildings or areas where poultry are kept
  • Using a foot bath with disinfectant for anyone visiting your farm who also has poultry
  • Avoid purchasing birds from livestock sales barns or any other places where many birds from different sources are brought together
  • Never purchase a bird that appears unwell
  • Newly purchased birds which appear healthy should be quarantined for a minimum of 30 days if you already have poultry on your property
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of pens and equipment
  • Designated clothing and footwear that is always and only used for working with your birds
  • After visiting any farm or facility which has poultry, make sure you clean and disinfect your footwear, wash the clothes you were wearing and take a shower
  • Vaccination of birds
  • Showing your birds increases your odds of bringing home disease and isn't really part of an effective bio-security program, therefore, under these circumstances it is prudent to quarantine your birds after every show
  • Purchase birds, preferably day olds, from a reliable source, which employs a health management and bio-security program