Easter Egger

Developed in the US, this breed lays mostly green eggs and is friendly in nature.


Developed in Canada, the Chantecler is a beautiful dual-purpose breed that can withstand cold weather. We offer the following varieties: Buff and Partridge.


A very old breed in the English Class of poultry, these birds are very beautiful when seen in real.

Red Jungle Fowl

The Jungle fowl is a wild chicken that comes from Asia; it is believed that all modern day breeds are derived from this bird.


The Phoenix breed was developed in Japan; they are primarily kept for show and exhibition due to their unusually long and beautiful tail feathers. We offer the following varieties: Gold and Silver.


Barnevelders originate from Holland and are sought after for the very dark brown eggs they lay. Plumage pattern is double laced partridge.

Cuckoo Marans

Similar in color to the Barred Rock, the Cuckoo Marans lays a much darker brown egg.


Developed in Holland this breed lays beautiful dark Terracotta colored eggs; the birds are also very nicely marked.

Black Sumatra

Developed in Asia, the Sumatra is kept largely for its beauty and for showing.

Spangled Russian Orloff

An unusual and friendly breed of chicken that has a beard, muffs and a walnut comb, the Orloff is believed to originate from Iran.


Developed in Japan, the Yokohama is a striking bird with very long hackle, saddle and tail feathers.

Mottled Java

This breed originates in the US. A calm bird that lays brown eggs and has very striking black and white mottled plumage.