Easter Egger

Developed in the US, this breed lays mostly green eggs and is friendly in nature.


Developed in Canada, the Chantecler is a beautiful dual-purpose breed that can withstand cold weather. We offer the following varieties: Buff and Partridge.

Olive Eggers

Olive Eggers are a hybrid bird that will lay different shades of olive coloured eggs. The adult birds also come in a range of different colours. A good layer of large eggs and good temperament.

Lavender Orpington

Lavender Orpingtons are a large and very beautiful breed. They are friendly in nature and do well in cold conditions. They will lay a medium to large sized brown egg.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

This variety of Wyandotte has very nicely marked plumage with blue lacing on the edges of their gold brown feathers. Like all Wyandottes they do well in the cold due to their Rosecomb and are also friendly. They lay a brown egg.


Another very friendly and gorgeous breed. This large chicken has useful qualities, it lays well and grows to a good size making it a good dual purpose breed.


An energetic and friendly dual-purpose breed. They lay a large dark brown egg and are auto-sexing. This breed will be limited in availability.


Barnevelders originate from Holland and are sought after for the very dark brown eggs they lay. Plumage pattern is double laced partridge.

Cuckoo Marans

Similar in color to the Barred Rock, the Cuckoo Marans lays a much darker brown egg.


Developed in Holland this breed lays beautiful dark Terracotta colored eggs; the birds are also very nicely marked.

Blue Cuckoo Marans

The Blue Cuckoo Marans is another dark brown egg layer. They are striking birds and have a good temperament. Chicks will be a mix of blue, black and splash. This breed will be sold in limits of 5 chicks per customer and will be very limited this season.

Blue Star

A good layer; adults will be blue, grey or splashed coloured. This bird is good natured and a good forager.

Spangled Russian Orloff

An unusual and friendly breed of chicken that has a beard, muffs and a walnut comb, the Orloff is believed to originate from Iran.

Cream Brabanter

A very rare and striking chicken with a crest, muff and beard. This breed is believed to be developed in the Netherlands. They are hardy and lay a large number of white eggs and are known as good winter layers.

Whiting True Blue

This breed comes in a multitude of different plumage colors, leg colors, comb types and some are bearded. Temperament varies as well. A good free ranger that lays large blue/green eggs.

Blue Olive Egger

This hybrid chicken has blue feathering and the hens lay an olive coloured egg.

Cream Legbar

This popular british breed is friendly and a good forager. Females lay a medium-sized egg which varies in colour from blue to bluish green to olive. This breed is crested and males have lots of barring on their feathers. Females are mostly grey with salmon colouring on their breasts.

Black Copper Marans

This breed is a dark brown egg layer. It is large and docile and is very striking with copper on black feathers.

Arctic Blue Egger

This new hybrid lays a bright blue egg.