Developed in Japan these birds are beautiful and unusual with their very short legs; they do not require much space. We offer the following varieties: White, Black, Black Tailed White and Black Tailed Buff.

Old English Game

Developed in England the Old English Game is hardy and athletic and comes in a variety of nice colors. We offer the following varieties: Black Breasted Red, Silver Duckwing, Gold Duckwing, Red Pyle, Silver Blue, Self Blue, Blue, Lemon Blue, Black, Crele, Wheaten, Fawn Silver, Porcelain, Mille Fleur and Brown Red.


Developed in Britain these bantams are eye catching with their attractive lacing feather pattern. We offer the following varieties: Silver, Gold and Buff Laced.

Cornish Bantams

Developed in England the Cornish are a stocky bird, they are tame and easy going. We offer the following varieties: Dark, White Laced Red and Blue Laced Red.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte bantam

This bantam is friendly, docile and very attractive; the hens make good broodies.

White Crested Black Polish bantam

This bantam is outstanding with its large white crest and completely black body feathering, an excellent show bird.

Easter Egger bantam

Like its larger counterpart, the Easter Egger bantam is a good layer of mostly green eggs.