Performance Poultry is located in Prince Edward County in South Eastern Ontario. We provide many varieties of day old fancy and production poultry. Our aim is to provide birds of good quality and health. Some of the day old poultry we offer are from our own breeding birds; others are outsourced from breeders and hatcheries.

We also supply poultry equipment, incubators and books.

Our incubators are hatching birds every week during the busy season; a large brooder building is used to house the day old birds until they are ready for pick up.

Poultry orders have to be picked up from our location if you live within Ontario (except for the Thunder Bay area). Please note that we have a designated area for pickup of poultry or products. Access to buildings or outdoor enclosures to see our birds is not permitted due to our bio-security program. Some birds will be visible from a distance.

Please contact us for further information, we also enjoy assisting customers with any questions they may have after purchasing poultry from us.

2024 Hatching Season

Online ordering for poultry is now closed for the season. Thank you to everyone for another successful season. We will start taking new orders for next season at the beginning of January 2025.
Thank you

Performance Poultry.